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Every commercial establishment is required by law to have its putrescible waste picked up by a BIC-licensed hauler. There are hundreds of carters licensed by BIC that can legally collect putrescible waste from commercial establishments in NYC.

Before deciding on a carter, BIC strongly recommends that you obtain price quotes from several different companies. You can also learn which carters are currently servicing your neighborhood by looking at BIC decals posted on storefronts. You are not limited to those carters. You may choose any licensed carter to haul your waste. For a list of currently licensed haulers, click here.

A commercial establishment using a carter must prominently display a BIC decal identifying the carter that is provided by the carter free of charge. Unless permitted by BIC, a carter cannot refuse to service a business if it already services another customer located within a 10-block area.

BIC also registers companies that remove waste resulting from building demolition, construction, alteration or excavation as well as landscaping. Currently, there are over 2,000 hauling companies that are registered to perform these various types of waste removal work in NYC.

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