Maximum Rates

BIC sets the maximum rates that private carters can charge for certain types of putrescible and recyclable waste removal services. A customer cannot be charged above the maximum rate, but the customer and carter can negotiate a rate below the maximum rate.

BIC does not set the maximum rates for the removal of medical waste, yellow grease, or construction and demolition debris.

As of November 28, 2013, the maximum rates that carters are permitted to charge are:

  • $18.27 per cubic yard of loose refuse (volume), or
  • $11.98 per 100 pounds of refuse (weight)

This increase reflects a 15% increase over the previous rates that were last adjusted in 2008.  For more information on this adjustment and final rule adoption please click here.

While the customer and carter can negotiate whether the customer will be charged by volume or by weight, the customer has the right to choose by which method to be charged.