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   Andrea Arroyo

Harmony I and Harmony II, Fiberglass Reliefs, 1994


Harmony I and Harmony II

Completion Date:



Fiberglass Reliefs


Harmony I: 15' x 4.5'


Public School 306


40 West Tremont Avenue, Bronx


School Construction Authority

Sponsor Agency:

Board of Education

Design Agency:

School Construction Authority

Andrea Arroyo combined painting and sculpture in these two lyrical, vibrantly colored fiberglass reliefs for P.S. 306 (formerly known as P.S. 206). Harmony I features two figures, a man and a woman, supporting an image of the earth flanked by a cityscape on one side and images from nature on the other. Harmony II depicts three limber figures floating among symbols of music, art, and science. The theme of Arroyo's work, as the titles suggest, is harmony-between nature and the city and between different races and cultures.

About the Artist...
Born in Mexico City, Andrea Arroyo has lived in New York City since 1983. Arroyo's work is inspired in part by the pre-Columbian art of Mexico, the ancient reliefs of the Middle East and Christian religious paintings. Her background as a dancer is evident in the fluid motions of her figures. Arroyo's work has been featured on the cover of The New Yorker and the Village Voice, among numerous other publications. Her work has been shown in many group exhibitions as well as individual exhibitions at the Lehman College Art Gallery, Marymount Manhattan College Gallery, the Jagendorf-Bacchi Gallery, the Ollantay Gallery, and the Mexican Cultural Institute in New York. Her work is gaining recognition in her native Mexico, with two recent successful shows in Mexico City. She was awarded a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship for sculpture in 1989 and for artists' books in 1995.

Artist Quote...
These pieces were done over a period of one year. To create them, I took into consideration the neighborhood and its demographics. Harmony I presents a world in which we can live in harmony with nature (even if we live in cities, we can respect and nurture the environment). Harmony II deals with the concept of racial harmony and respect for various cultures (inspired by the concept: knowledge will free us from prejudice). -- Arroyo