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   Susumu Shingu

Dialogue with the Sun, Stainless Steel, 1995


Dialogue with the Sun

Completion Date:



Stainless steel


30' (H)


Queens Criminal Court Addition


125-01 Queens Boulevard, Queens


Ehrenkrantz, Eckstut and Kuhn

Sponsor Agency:

Office of Court Administration

Design Agency:

Department of General Services

Located at the entrance to the Queens Criminal Court, Susumu Shingu's Dialogue with the Sun was designed to respond to atmospheric changes. The 30 foot (9.1 m) high sculpture contains "wings" composed of a half-disk and four quarter-disks that rotate vertically and horizontally, adjusting to changes in the direction and velocity of the wind. The highly polished surfaces mirror the sky and surrounding landscape with every motion. Shingu explained: "The sculpture will be at all times alive with motion. It will keep conveying the delicate and various rhythms of the wind to those who come to see it. It will bring a feeling of friendliness and warmth which will serve to ameliorate the solemn and dignified impression of the courthouse."

About the Artist...
Born in Osaka, Japan, Susumu Shingu is an internationally acclaimed artist whose award winning kinetic sculptures can be seen both in Japan and abroad. Shingu's works are installed at Logan International Airport and the New England Aquarium, Boston; Olympic Park, Seoul, and the port of Genoa, Italy.