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   Michael Kelly Williams

Reach for a Star, Mosaics, 1995


Reach for a Star

Completion Date:





West Wall Basement Corridor: 6' x 29' 10 1/4", First, Second and Third Floors: 2' x 6'


Public School 82


88-02 144th Street, Queens


L.E. Tuckett

Sponsor Agency:

Board of Education

Design Agency:

School Construction Authority

Located outside the cafeteria and on each floor of P.S. 82's two-story addition, Michael Kelly Williams's celestial-themed glass-mosaic murals feature a sea of abstract stars intertwined with floating human figures. The largest mosaic spans a 28-foot (8.5 m) long wall and depicts images of human figures reaching out and growing towards the stars. Many of the stars in the murals were based on designs by the school's third-grade students.

About the Artist...
Williams first used the medium of mosaic in his project commissioned by the MTA Arts for Transit and permanently installed at the Intervale Subway Station in the Bronx. A multi-media artist, Williams also works in sculpture and printmaking. He has taught extensively in the New York Public School System for organizations like Children's Art Carnival, Studio in a School, and Bob Blackburn's Printmaking Workshop.

Artist Quote...
My initial idea revolved around the theme Reach For A Star. I visualized images of children flying, reaching, stretching, growing. Figures in bright primary colors floating against a sea of stars and planets. -- Williams, 1993