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New York Harbor Water Quality Report

Celebrating 100 Years

This centennial report, New York Harbor Survey Program 1909 — 2009, celebrates the success of the Harbor Survey Program, and catalogues the progress the city has made throughout the decades.

Harbor Water Quality Survey Annual Report

The City of New York has been collecting water quality data in New York Harbor since 1909. These data are utilized by regulators, scientists, educators and citizens to assess impacts, trends and improvements in the water quality of New York Harbor.

This annual New York Harbor Water Quality Report includes data collected by DEP during 2012. It is presented in four sections, each delineating a geographic region within the harbor. Four water quality parameters, used as key indicators, are evaluated: fecal coliform bacteria, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll ‘a’ and Secchi transparency. A discussion of enterococci bacteria, which the US EPA is now using as a sewage indicator, is also included in this year’s report.

Past Annual Reports

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