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America Begins in New York... In 1998, New York City celebrated the centennial of the consolidation of forty municipalities, including the separate cities of Brooklyn and New York, into the five boroughs that comprise "Greater New York." The 1898 charter united not only geography, but also the disparate heritage of native-born Americans and immigrants who were, and continue to be, drawn to New York as the most visible symbol of the United States of America as a promised land. More than half of all people living in America today are descended from immigrants who entered the country through the NYC harbor. "New York City 100: The Centennial Celebration of Greater New York" commemorates our rich history and cultural heritage - our pride that America begins in New York...

Within these web pages, you'll find information about the dozens of special event presented by more than 200 cultural, educational and historical organizations throughout the five boroughs, for the centennial celebration. Interactive history games, extensive education projects, tourism resources, New York City "Minutes", and discussion forums, are also here to be explored. You're invited to join the celebration!

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The "NYC100 Centennial Celebration" Web pages on, the official NYC Web site, are presented for historical and educational purposes only. The design and content of these Web pages reflect the vision of the NYC 100 Committee.

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