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New York City Police Department

NYPD | Reports
Reports & Information

2012 Reasonable Suspicion Stops: Precinct Based Comparison by Stop and Suspect Description
2011 Reasonable Suspicion Stops: Precinct Based Comparison by Stop and Suspect Description 

Interagency MOUs

Annual Firearms Discharge

2012 Annual Firearms Discharge Report 
2011 Annual Firearms Discharge Report 

Crime and Enforcement Activity Reports

Community Relations
Muslim Advisory Council Transition Document - 2013

Operation Safe Cycle
The rules of the road for cyclists, and bicycle security tips
Safe Cycle Pamphlet  September 2014 (2 sided tri-fold pamphlet)
Safe Cycle Video (updated version 8/12/2014)

Weekly COMPSTAT files

Murder in New York City: NYPD's analysis of homicide in NYC
Murder in New York City 2012 
Murder in New York City 2011 

Active Shooter 2012 - Recommendations and Analysis for Risk Mitigation 

Best Practices For Nightlife Establishments: English , Español 

Citywide Moving Violation Summonses

Citywide Motor Vehicle Accident Information

Crime Reporting Review An assessment of the NYPD's crime reporting and CompStat auditing processes produced by the Crime Reporting Review Committee established by Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly. Published 2013.

Engineering Security Report Protective Design for High Risk Buildings

Historical New York City Crime Data, 2000-2013

NYPD Legal Filings

NYPD Intelligence Report Radicalization in the West: The Homegrown Threat 

Police Academy College Point Final Environmental Impact Statement

Public Safety Answering Center II Final Environmental Impact Statement

One Police Plaza Security Final Environmental Impact Statement

Stop Question and Frisk Database

New York City Police Department statistics on civil immigration detainers received July 16, 2013 - September 30, 2013

Analysis of Racial Disparities in the New York Police Department’s Stop, Question, and Frisk Practices 

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