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New York City Police Department

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Housing Bureau | Police Service Area 9
Commanding Officer

Captain Hugh M. Bogle

PSA 9 is located at 155-09 Jewel Ave., Flushing, NY 11365 (between Parsons Blvd and Kissena Blvd.)

PSA 9 - Ravenswood Satelite is located at 34-41 21st street L.I.C., N.Y. 11106 (between 35th Ave. and 34th Ave.)

The geographical boundaries begin at the Brooklyn/Queens Border at Jamaica Bay and continuing north along the border to the northwest point of the Queens boundary line, north on Vernon Blvd. to Astoria Park South, east along the Bronx/Queens border, coninuting east and south on the Queens/Nassau border to the Rockaway Peninsula.

Commanding Officer's Message

As Commanding Officer of Police Service Area 9, and on behalf of all the members of this Command, I welcome you to your Police Service Area's world wide web pages. The information contained is provided to empower the Department and the Community to work together to improve the quality of life within public housing and the Borough of Queens.

Police Service Area 9's web page will assist you in getting the latest news and information concerning your community police. You can obtain information on scheduled New York City Police Department and Police Service Area 9 community events. Other areas of information include resources, crime fighting initiatives, community affairs issues, Police Service Area 9 Auxiliary Police and Police Explorer Scouting programs and crime prevention information. Referrals to other agencies and local civic organizations and associations are also included.

Continued success can be achieved through communication, which will further the Police Service Area 9 and Community partnership. This brief worldwide web page welcome and overview highlights our commitment to our communities and their developments. Our community and resident involvement serve to help us achieve our goal, which is to strengthen the community by enhancing the quality of life. Please work with us in maintaining this partnership and in our continued success in making public housing, our communities, Queens and New York City a great place to live and work.


Anti-Auto Theft Program — The Combat Auto Theft (C.A.T.) Program is a voluntary decal program which entails a more aggressive police response to auto theft by authorizing investigative stops of participating vehicles. Vehicle stops are made during the hours of 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m., on the basis of two identifying decals affixed to both rear and side windows of the automobile.

Operation Commuter C.A.T. — This program operates the same way as the one above. The only difference is you register your vehicle at the precinct where the vehicle will be parked during business hours. Owners will sign a consent form, which certifies to the Department that the auto is not operated between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

Help End Auto Theft Program (H.E.A.T.) — H.E.A.T. Is a volunteer decal program, operational twenty-four (24) hours a day. Its aim is to combat auto thefts by providing the Police Department with reasonable suspicion necessary to conduct a vehicle stop and investigation whenever a person apparently under the age of twenty- five (25) is observed operating a vehicle bearing HEAT decals. Owners of motor vehicles who are New York City residents and are above the age of forty (40) may participate in this program.

Operation Identification for Vehicles — The program "Operation Identification for Vehicles" involves marking car radios and other valuable parts with a pen that utilizes invisible ink; this ink can only be seen under "black ultraviolet light" which can be used to identify stolen auto parts.

Operation Identification for Premises —The program "Operation Identification for Premises" involves marking valuables in your apartment with an engraving pen with an easy identifiable number that is registered with New York City Police Department.

VIN Etching — This program consists of etching your vehicles identification number on your auto glass. You can also get a discount on your insurance.

Bicycle Registration Program — Bicycles enrolled in this program shall be marked with the precinct engraving tools, using a three (3) digit number indicating the precinct designation followed by a four (4) digit number, in numerical sequence of enrollment. This program will ensure that a recovered vehicle is returned to its owner.

Counter-Terrorism Program — The NYPD has established an "Anti-Terrorism Hotline." This program has been established to obtain your assistance in identifying terrorism. If you see someone acting in a suspicious manner you can help by placing an anonymous phone call to 1-888 NYC-SAFE. Remember if you see someone acting in a suspicious manner be conscious of their actions and not influenced by their appearance. By calling 1-888 NYC-SAFE (692-7233) reports may be made at any time, day or night. Remember you don't have to leave your name to participate and all calls will be kept confidential.

Law Enforcement Explorers — The Law Enforcement Explorer Program was created to encourage boys and girls between 14 and 20 years of age to consider Law Enforcement as a career goal. It instills self-confidence, discipline, and teamwork in its members. The Explorers learn various Police procedures and participate in various Department events and field trips. If you have a child or know of a child who might be interested in, or may benefit from this program you can contact the PSA Explorer Coordinator.

Auxiliary Police Program — The Auxiliary Police Program enables civic minded individuals between the ages of 17 ½ to 60 to take an active role in ensuring that crime is curbed in their neighborhood. Each officer must attend a rigorous 16-week training program (once a week) that includes topics such as law, police science, social science and self-defense.

Cadet Corps Program – The Cadet Corps provides qualified college men and women with a chance to experience the challenges and personal rewards of a career in the NYPD. The Police Cadet Program is a PAID internship program. The Housing Bureau Cadet Program, candidates should be a NYC Housing Authority resident (preferred) with a minimum of 15 credits and carrying a minimum of 12 credits and a 2.0 GPA per semester. For more information call 212 – NY CADET

Community Affairs

Community Affairs

Community Affairs Officer: Detective Darryl Johnson
Community Affairs Officer: Police Officer Latoya McLeod
Law Enforcement Explorer
Coordinator: Police Officer Robert Coletta
Auxiliary Coordinator: Police Officer Robert Coletta

PSA 9 Community Council President: Karen Dennis

The Community Council meeting is held on the 4th Wednesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at the Ravenswood Community Center, located at, 34-40 21st Street long Island City, N.Y. 11106. No meetings are held in July and August.

Telephone Directory

POLICE SERVICE AREA (718) 969-4029
COMMUNITY AFFAIRS (718) 969-9454
CRIME PREVENTION (718) 969-9454
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE (718) 969-9614
YOUTH OFFICER (718) 969-5004

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